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After the "Sod Turning 2012" (New School/Renovation Project) the education legacy left by the former leadership and membership of the Red Earth Cree Nation has provided a dynamic educational system under the Red Earth Cree Nation Chief, Council and school board. They have designed and hand over an educational foundation that supports the development of our young community members from Headstart to Grade Twelve, along with the encouragement of members to access Post-Secondary and Technical Training.

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Mamawe Awasis Elementary School
PO Box 91
Red Earth, SK  S0E 1K0
Phone 306 768 3544
Fax 306 768 3506

John William Head Memorial Education Centre
PO Box 99
Red Earth, SK  S0E 1K0
Phone 306 768 3654
Fax 306 768 2709

Harold Head
Education Coordinator

Red Earth Cree Nation
W 306 768 3401
C 306 401 7696
F 306 768 3480

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