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Chief Ian Mckay

Vice-Chief Robert Whitecap

Councillor Charlene Head

Councillor Zachary Whitecap

Councillor Fabian Head

The Chiefs of Red Earth

The Day Before Treaty

The Day Of Treaty                                      Kiseyinis



The Day After Treaty

1913-1926                 Jeremiah Nawakayas        Born 1862.

Died April 30, 1940.

Married to Catherine Katherine Kakekas in 1886 (or before 1884)

(Note: INAC records indicate Jeremiah as Chief as of June 20, 1917 up to June 16, 1919)

?-1940                        Isaiah Badger

(Note: INAC records indicate Isaiah as Chief from 1930 to 1939 – resigned)

1940-?                        Robert Mckay                      Born September 6, 1887.

                                                                                    Died September 30, 1969.

                                                                                    Married Amelia Whitecap in 1910.

Became Chief after Isaiah Badger resigned in 1940.

1969-1978                 John William Head                        Died February 14, 1978

1978-1986                 Alvin Head                           Elected as FSIN Treasurer in 1986. 

                                                                                    Resigned as Chief.

1986-1987                 Phillip Head

1987-1993                 Phillip Head

1993-1996                 Cyril Head                            For these elections, the RECN

re-structured the composition of the Chief and Council – from the Indian Act based formula of 1 Chief and 1 Council Member for every 100 members to 1 Chief and 4 “Headmen”

1996-1999                 Roy Head

1999-2011                 Miller Nawakayas              Served four (4) consecutive terms

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